Monday, 29 September 2008


Finally after 3 years of threatening to, i am now in the process of creating my masterpiece MOLE! of course i expect it to fail quickly and turn into the biggest waste of time ever, however i hope to have fun making it! i need contributors and likeminded freespirited creative folk who don't mind prostituting their talents for the sake of a crazy idea...that is, lets face it, not particularly original but it could be oh so special...

anyone interested contact subject: Mole

dooo iiiit

Monday, 15 September 2008

Monday, 8 September 2008


... to anyone attending these magnificent gigs!

Concrete and Glass- friday 3rd October
ATP Release The Bats- Thursday 30th October

company required :(

This was from Release The Bats '07- there i am...right there, in the green!

Southern Belle

Today I had an interview, well less an interview more an informal 15 minute chat, for an Internship at Southern Records. For those not aware of Southern it's home to some of the best alternative music labels in Europe and the US, from Ipecac, Southern Lord and Touch and Go; Southern distribute and help promote these labels and their own artists in Europe and America. i spent alot of yesterday preparing myself for this 'interview', researching the label and the studios and browsing blogs and flickr to get a feel for the work environment, I was still not prepared for what i was greeted with.
My dad drove me to 10 Myddleton Road, North London, we slowly surveyed the area looking for some sort of block of flats or office like place, when my dad pointed to a run down looking detached house and claimed that was our destination, I had to double check. the place was so subtle and discreet you would never think that that was where the (European leg of the company's) magic was made. after I had come to terms with the fact that the head quarters wasn't quite the happening middleclass Shoreditch penthouse you may imagine it to be, we spent the next half an hour walking down the 'high street', the whole wood green area felt like it was trapped in some sort of timewarp. apart from a few kebab shops and newsagents, every shop was closed down or clearly hibernating. my personal favourite was the mens wear store selling doris day albums and 70's style Y fronts, which on closer inspection were browning and crusted (is that even a word?) the owners had clearly shut up shop and hadn't bothered opening up again for at least 30 years. crazy shit!
After driving around the area and avoiding the north circular for fear of getting trapped and tortured for the next hour, i decided to brave it into the Southern house.
the place was pretty damn crazy, another time warp, reminded me of some punk squat from the mid 80's, I was lead out to the communal seating area/ back studio (which is exactly what it says on the can...a garage-the place had no airs or graces, it was modest, cheap and laid back) with mammoth vintage analogue equipment sitting there which served to complement the nostalgic atmosphere the place exudes.
however the place looks, there is no denying it has character. sitting waiting to be greeted, I couldn't help but think of some of the legendary artists and bands who have graced the studios and head quarters, it felt like a bit of an honour just to be sitting in the dingy seating area. apparently Lee Perry once left a poo present on the floor, i should have kissed the ground to see if genius is contagious.
the actual interview was probably the least intense and intimidating process ever, the girl that spoke to me, Claire, looked cool and laid back with her scuffed pink pumps and thick fringed hair, the people and the place felt completely welcoming and relaxed. we basically talked about music interests, my main band interests, gigs, how I first came to hear about these bands. it was the sort of conversation I rarely get to have with anyone in the flesh who has any idea what i'm actually talking about. I don't mean to say that in a patronising or arrogant way, but alot of people just are not on the same page as me musically or when it comes to creative projects.
hopefully I left a good impression, my Wire experience seemed to impress and go down well, I attempted to elaborate on that but to be honest I don't know if experience or office credentials are that important in a Southern environment, just a passion for music and an open mind, which I like to think I possess.
who knows what the outcome will be, I find out in a week or so, I just hope the other candidates are'nt too experienced or charming. This could be my chance to be a Southern Lord.

Post Scripture:
after visiting p.c world with my father today i have decided to embrace my inner computer nerd. I desperately want an Apple Mac notebook/ laptop of any sort- garage band!photoshop, the works, plus my Sennheiser headphones are worth 45 quid- jeesh! remind me to make more money, then teach me how to save it!