Thursday, 29 October 2009


some nice music that i have been listening to recently. None of it is new but all of it is on the title of this post if you want to hear a lame little mix/ sample of these nice tunes.

Black Rhythm Happening- Eddie Gale
Melt!- Flying Lotus
BANG- DJ Dijital vocals Mr. Bubble (Underground resistance)
Dread Cowboy- Tayo meets Acid Rockers Uptown
Krautrock- Faust
Orthodox Caveman- Sunn 0)))
Theme de YoYo- Art Ensemble of Chicago

Tuesday, 20 October 2009


so i'm at uni in the city of steel, i haven't written any reviews or articles for some time, but i find myself on facebook constantly posting videos and links like mad, i figure if i'm not gonna spend my time doing any god damn work and the shite newspaper and radio station refuse to answer my questions about contributing i may as well stick some shit up on this bad boy blog! shame to let it go to waste is it not!?
i guess i should inform anyone who may be interested in the MOLE night at the George Tavern way back when, nearly 2 months ago now, jeeez louise. we had an awesome night thanks a hella bunch to those who came along and took part in the mixtape amnesty, hope you enjoyed the fine tunes being played:
LATE THANKS TO Cgul, General electric (ahaha), Gavin Gaa Gaa, Ellen Percival, Massoud Barzani and Lucy Tesco...
we had some super cool mixtapes with some special artwork, the venue was nice, laid back and relaxed, we had a LOT of funky soul sounds going on with some noise and a bit of ska to start of the evening, next time we'll stick some metal up yo' ass and put some heavier tunes on.
speaking of next time there IS another MOLE going on, next tuesday at the George Tavern, I'm not involved in this particular MOLE but it looks awesome