Friday, 9 January 2009

valkyrie :I

Having been born in the 90's the curriculum at all secondary schools pretty much sees you spend almost 4 years learning about WWII and Nazi occupation, the ins and outs almost every fucking aspect! morbid and controversial as it is, it's damn interesting. there are numerous films on the subject that shed light (albeit mainly in terms of entertainment and stylised) on the period, some of my faves Downfall (i still maintain that Bruno Ganz's Hitler bears a striking resemblance to the uptight bloke in 'The Full Monty'), Sophie Scholl is also is goodun. EVEN Black Book (the Nazi occupation of the netherlands) wasn't too awful.
But this my friends is the final straw VALKYRIE. remember when Tom Cruise tried to kill Hitler and failed neither. I don't know about the film but judging by the ridiculous trailor, it looks like a pile 'o' Hollywood shite. i haven't seen it so i shouldn't really cast the first stone, however the idea of a dwarfed witchdoctor depicting war hero Count von Stauffenberg makes me throw up a bit in my mouth. apparently Cruise recieved ' An award from the German people for having the courage to make this film...' sounds like the little people from the small island of Germania have been waiting for Mr Cruise to emancipate them for centuries...the man is a menace to society!

Monkey Dust movie trailer anyone?


Anonymous said...

Apparently General Von Stauffenburg (Count Klaus son) would have nothing to do with the movie

moses said...

can't say i'm awfully surprised. i feel a bit bad being so critical without having seen the film, but i can't stand Tom Cruise. also before anyone complains...i do realise Germany is not an island.