Thursday, 23 July 2009


SOOOOO.....when we were about 16 an acquaintance and myself had grande ideas about hosting a club/gig night shindig in a local townhall which was home to many a misfit and troubled youth (we wern't one of them, but basically the townhall was a bit of a shitter).
Unfortunately our lack of initiative, funds and well any sort of experience prevented us from going ahead with our big plans.

Needless to say, not a great deal has changed, experience and funds are still relatively low but we have finally taken the initiative 3 years later to put on a pub night on the 28th August in Londonia at the infamous George Tavern in Whitechapel.

It's all very exciting, scary and fun to sort out, we're organising this event with a lass from London called Charlotte, so just incase you get an invite to this thang, thinking it's some faceless pointless generic club night with aload of tendy hipsters posing and pouting so that they can be posted on a photo website in ironic clothing...THIS IS NOT THE CASE. we just wanted to be involved and be proactive rather than being the cynical, passive, critical bastards we are, complaining about having nothing to do!

The night basically stemmed from an idea (not the most original one i know but hey an idea's an idea) to create a MIXTAPE AMNESTY at my sixth form, now as i'm sure those of you who may have gone to my sixth form can guess, this never actually happened. But now it is.
I havn't given up on buying cds and it's always fun to have a surprise compilation featuring music that you have never heard of of would never usually listen to, so i think this would be a pretty special opportunity to discover some unheard sounds and maybe strike up some conversation and chumships.

we've got other ideas floating around which include crazy raffle, some free badges and maybe a copy of MOLE Zine once in bloom.

It's a friendly affair, we have some mates helping us with leaflet and flyer design. They're gonna provide much better artwork than my little flyer job you see above.
we're gonna be handing out flyers ourselves and glueing up posters. so whether you know us or not come along for MOLE night, think it might be a chuckle.

If you are interested in getting involved, have any ideas yourself or any other enquiries drop me a line: radical_imo AT


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