Friday, 20 November 2009


So I made the concious decision to get off of my bee-hind and attempt to start some writings again. I've had an influx of ideas for articles and other things, MOLE has a facebook group now so if your interested, join it, if you aren't interested, die. simple.

In other news there's a awesome magazine in these sheffieldian parts called Now Then
it's a arts, music, culture and politics free physical magazine that comes out monthly and I asked them if i could contribute a few bits and pieces. I have a gig review of The Field and the Bill Hicks doc (see below post) so that's pretty tidy, as one might say if they were northern...perhaps, i'm not sure i haven't learnt many northern colloquialisms since i've been here to be quite honest, which actually is a bit shit. anyway if you are from sheffield get the freebie copy of Now Then, not just because my shites in there but it is a genuinely nice little publication and it doesn't cost you anything. which is good isn't it?

ooh and psssst... MOLE 3, JAN 5TH, THE CAMDEN HEAD, CAMDEN, LONDON, ENG-ER-LAND. We're putting on bands and whatnot, it's gonna be a QUHWOOT.

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