Sunday, 2 November 2008

Concrete and Glass

Telepathe and tv on the radio- cargoLondon (as part of concrete and glass)

The Kings and Queens of the New york alternative pop scene graced shoreditch in October to headline the excellent Concrete and Glass 2 day festival, which was of course to exhibit some of the coolest and most innovative art and music in the worlds major cities atm. However I was unable to sample many of the delights that the festival had to offer due to the popularity of TVOTR, ridiculous competition to get into the venue in order to witness the spectacle.

Telepathe- wore glitter like war paint, clad in baggy t shirts and leggings they certainly exude quintessential new yoik cool. The heavy basslines, ritualistic drumming and the catchiness of tracks such as chromes on it’ won me round, despite the terrible sound (listening to the myspace version of that track is a much more comfortable experience.)
lead singer Melissa Livaudais invited audience onto the tiny Cargo stage, only managing to get 4 up there before security were sweating over the drunken hyponotised girl carelessly swinging her beer over the expensive synthesizers on stage. They are visually compelling, you can tell they really want the audience to be involved, however the cargo crowd weren’t in the most involving mood. Muffled claps met the end of each song, but perhaps the bands behaviour was too avant garde for the audience that night, or most of the cargo crowd aren't used to being beckoned on stage by three lesbians who look like they've run riot in Claire's accessories.
It might be interesting to see the band headline their own tour in a similar sized venue with perhaps a bigger stage so they can create the mass riot they always threatened to that evening. The excitement was infectious you could literally feel the buzz radiating off of each gig goer. It was of course a very special occasion due to the ridiculously long wait the band have forced on their British audience. It was TVOTR'sfirst show in 2 years so it was eagerly anticipated, so much so that cargo was packed from 7:00, tv on the radio wernt due on until 1:00am.
The setlist was laden with older back catalogue rather than the Dear Science shizz, mainly stuff from cookie mountain and desperate youths blood thirsty babes. Highlights: obviously wolf like me, dreams and the encore finale starring staring at the sun (unfortunately I had to abandon my position at the front and missed most of the last song due to a minor need for oxygen) it was an amazing concoction of heavy hi hat disco beats pounding bassline and distortion/ drone that flooded the whole venue with the sweet soulful sounds of adebimpe’s velvety vocals.
My T- shirt was utterly soaked by the end of the night. there was a Crush towards the front, i was expecting some stage diving and more physical interraction, even though it was hot hot hooot i still love the intimacy of cargo. this month the group are going on to play the not so cosy shepards bush empire, it would appear already not even a month after the new album was released seeing the band play tiny venues is a novelty. i look forward to hearing them debut more from Dear Science at ABC in Glasgow next week, i shall most definately fight my way to the front and swing my wild locks to 'Staring At The Sun'.

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