Sunday, 2 November 2008

Dear Science

i have to say i've developed some affection for the concept of open letters, Saul williams seems to be a big ol' fan of them and my favourite new yoik noiseniks TV on The Radio have just produced the most beautiful and epic open letter Science could ever hope to recieve. i just lurve post!!!
i'm a little bit behind on the new album front so its a bit of a bummer that i ordered the album a considerable amount of time after seeing TVOTR (more on that latah) but not actually owning the album did'nt prevent me from enjoying the new songs live, no siree, i gots the scars and the bruises to prove it!
the opener 'halfway home' is a bit of an anthem with a catchy 'bababa' intro line and awesome fast swinging beat that gets you wobbling and jubblin' about (i just made the word jubblin' up, nice isn't it.)

as of yet i've listened to the album about 3 times and so far, except for halfway home, nothing has really embedded itself in my brain. all i know that on first review i sort of swallowed it as a generally goood release, doesn't quite have the legendary status as desperate youths... or any outstanding singles that can parallel wolf like me and staring at the sun, but that is something only time can create. like cheese, these sort of classics need to mature over time after which they will take over your audiophile life!

theme wise, apparently Tunde (my favourite four eyed nigerian vocalist) claims it was some sort of response to science and its unemotional stubborn reasoning! (i'm sure there's a far better explanation and analysis of the album concept however...i can't provide one just yet.)

i'm not much of a lyrical dissector to be honest, they could be singing about scratching their balls all day frankly and that probably wouldnt taint my view of the record. the only lyricists or music i really take notice of writing is usually Saul Williams and hip hop, or when i can decipher vocals. alot of the songs i listen to i have no clue what the fuck they are talking about (listen to any Melvins stuff and also the song skin peeler by Mortician and YOU try and interpret the lyrics.)
i wonder if that makes me shallow.
anyway back to the matter at hand, Dear Science...mmm Kyp Malone and his Castrati vocals, mmm horns mmmm David Sitek soundscapes and production...mmmmmm i can smell food, i'm hungry.

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