Tuesday, 6 January 2009


don't worry the blog is still alive and well, i;ve just been a lazy son of a gun over the capitalist, corperate meaningless festive holiday known as christmas...but the foooood was good mmmm.
i've got more on the way ne'er fear perhaps a band interview or two in the pipeline at least one feature and another installment of MOLE, i need to jazz that up a bit add some sound effects or maybe a jingle, any ideas?
it's a busy year, internships, work experience and travelling shall occupy my time hopefully the reviews/ features will come in thick and fast without compromise, welcometh to 2009, i have a good feeling about this year...


Sweet and Tender Hooligan said...

What fills you with such positivity?

The new Morrissey album surely?

moses said...

well sweet and tender hooligan, i love your name by the way, i guess i just have a good feeling about this year, i can feel it in my waters. and Morrisey can toss off for all i care, i never cared for Chrysanthemums.