Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Big Bad Mole

'Dyin' aint much of a livin' boi'

I have been incredibly neglectful these past few weeks, i have intense spurts (urgh hate that word) of writing, then it all goes to pot and i lack the motivation and decency to bother! i made a conscious decision to stop doing CD reviews as i have become incredibly disillusioned with the idea of rating something and telling someone about music...I'm happy to do interviews, write constructive gig reviews as i feel like these are moments and experiences that are easier to define and invest in more, basically they are funnerer, also easier to sieve through the bullshit and the hype really than listening to a CD, it became a chore and that's not why i write about music it's not a job (i don't get paid obviously).
anyway boring rant over, the main reason for this random realisation was whilst i was watching a documentary on BBC4 'Festival!' directed by Murray Lerner, it was damn inspirational. i was never big on folk or blues for that matter but that documentary had a big impact on me.
after that I couldn't stop listening to Blind Lemon Jefferson and Bo Diddley. i jut remember why i like music, personally i am not too great at getting up to date with every album as they come out, i prefer to just go with whatever i want to listen to or whatever phase i'm going through. at the moment all i have on my mp3 and CD player is Telepathe, Scratch Acid, Bo Diddley, Red Bird compilation and Brazilian Tropicalia. Literally. that's at least 50 years of music.
this isn't the most entertaining of posts i admit but it sort of explains the abundance of tumbleweeds that have been blowing through this here blog.
on another note i have got an interview with Spider And The Flies out tomorrow in the latest edition of Artrocker and also i'm just finishing an article on a Norwich band called the Brownies hopefully to be featured in Artrocker so look out for that...

Over Und Auf

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