Friday, 13 February 2009

Knife Fever

I just downloaded the new single to be released by Karin Dreijer Anderrson under the guise of Fever Ray. Karin is of course one half of one of the most amazing electronic pop groups in the world ever, The Knife. listening to the Fever Ray track 'If I Had a Heart' sounds distintively knifeish but even darker, like 'forest families' from the album 'Silent Shout' but with Grinderman in the background, it's brooding art at it's best. I love her androgynous warped man vocals too which she brings back.
Me and a few friendlings managed to catch the Knife play at The Forum in 2006 Planning To Rock supported them and it was a triumph to say the least. They went to great lengths to hide their identity probably because it was one of their rare live performances. I vaguely remember there being a massive sort of translucent/ net curtain between band and audience and loads of weird and wonderful videos projected in the background, the duo both wore balaclavas and looked amazing.
Here's a little link to 'Pass This On' from The Knife's first album 'Deep Cuts' (the crazy hoodlum looking guy that starts dancing at the beautiful man lady is Olof Dreijer Karin's brother and partner in crime.)

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