Sunday, 1 February 2009

Fly In The Ointment

alriiiight. It's been interesting on the 'music journalistic front' of late, i've conducted my first phoner interview (which was pretty shit) and my first (well third i guess) face to face interview this week. yesterday i had a little interview with Rhys 'Spider' Webb and Tomethy Furse of The Horrors fame as they're embarking on a side project known imaginatively as 'Spider and The Flies'.
i have to say i've never listened to The Horrors and my only knowledge of them before the interview and my extensive research was of their NME and 'south end scene' tag, which probably won't be shrugged off easily. I had written them off as poserish, flash in the that the correct phrase ah fuck eeht.
anyway my preconceived ideas were relatively ill informed and dare i say wrong (they are very stylish though, for some reason i have a problem trusting stylish people, probably because of my complete lack of it) anyway they have a heap of interesting influences and know their shit, i don't really understand how they have been touring with the likes of the fratellis and the view though in those bumper NME award tours, those tours remind me of industrial sized food stuff, an abundance of nasty bits of meat and a lack of flavour and nutrition. The sort of slop you get in shitty restaurants and whetherspoons, quantity over quality...yeah that's right the NME is the publication equivalent of whetherspoons.
anyway enough on that analogy, so Spider and The Flies, well i have just completed the transcript of the interview, the convo lasted just under half an hour i reckon and there's a bit of interesting banter, mainly nerdy talk though, i dont think there's enough information on the project to delve any deeper, but i like to think i may have grazed the surface, meh i dunno, you can judge for yourself.
the duo had just finished working on the new Horrors album that day i do believe so i'm not sure how into the SATF frame of mind they were, i was under the impression this was their first interview on the project so they're probably still honing they're technique for discussing it, even so a bloody good job they did, very articulate.
oh and about the album, yeah it's good.

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