Tuesday, 3 February 2009

This months Plan B

Looky here, I am officially a published 'journalist' my first ever piece of proper published writing appears in this months Plan B magazine, how exciting!
However...I was slightly dissapointed to get this email from the reviews editor of the magazine:

hey imogen, hope you're well - have, um, good and bad news - the good being that richard (cced here) will dispatch you a free copy of the latest issue if you can get him yr address - the bad news will become apparent when it arrives - yr review made it in as one of the leads, and yr name nestles proudly amongst the other contributors on the contents page but somehow - and this is totally my fault - you've been misnamed as 'isobel decordova' in the actual review credit - felt sick when i saw it - so sorry - hopefully we can make it up to you in the future...

it is a rather unfortunate state of affairs, both bitterly ironic and humourous and touching all at once. but oh well, it's only my vanity that would be bothered about my name not being 100% right in the credits. so if you happen to stumble across the article there is no Isobel, it's a cunning disguise on my part :s

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