Sunday, 14 June 2009

King For a Day, Fool For a Lifetime

Well honestly i feel like my best friend threw a party and i wasn't invited, what a bitch!

i was aware that Faith No More were reforming to play download and some european festivals this summer but i had NO IDEA they were doing this Brixton warm up gig. Incase you are unaware (which most likely you are) FNM was probably the first 'alternative rock and roll group' that i ever obsessed over from the age of 14. unfortunately they have been hailed as responsible for spawning the blasphemous music genre known as 'nu metal' this is unfortunately true, after one listen to 'angel dust' and all is forgiven.
obviously the band were long dead by the time my ears started to listen to 'the real thing' and 'angel dust' but hey i still got to see Mike Patton perform with Peeping Tom and Fantomas!
i even dedicated part of my GCSE english project to a mock review of one of the bands albums, AND named them (along with old metallica...eurrrgh) as my fave band when i had a brief cameo in a girly magazine- everyone else seemed to go for beyonce and natasha bedingfield. but not me, nuh uh- FNM were number one!
I was in two minds when my friend informed me of this reunion. it must be greed, i assumed at first, pattons gone bankrupt and needs funds to support his record company Ipecac and his many many many many 'side projects'. but nah, im guessing he's pretty loaded thanks to the track 'epic'.
what i would have given though in hindsight to stand there at the front singing along to 'Midlife Crisis' and 'be Agressive' ah an opportunity wasted. shame they couldnt get jim martin back on geetar plus original vocalist chuck mosely singing 'we care alot' would have been the icing on the cake...ah well a girl can dream. sigh.

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