Wednesday, 10 June 2009

R.I.P Plan B

After returning from the Bermuda Triangle, i attempted to rebuild my contacts and my short lived stint at Plan B Magazine ( i spent a day at there cool little scruffy office in london on 'work experience and did some flyering around camden for them).
After emailing the editor and seeing if i could continue my time at the magazine i was saddened by the news that the magazine has folded and the june issue was the last of it's kind! here's a link to the Stack subscription website where the news was broken. Plan B had some of the coolest articles, features, illustrations in the land so i shall miss looking upon it's perfectly crafted pages. too sad. i shall now conduct a 2 minutes silence in honour of Plan B...

On another note STACK is damn awesome. although i'm not a subscriber the concept behind it rules and i managed to bag a freebie magazine from them a few months ago which was damn cool. the idea is that each month they send you a different magazine on rotation, you don't have any control over what you get but you are guaranteed a super cool, beautifully presented publication that may well change your life...or your choice in reading material at least. dooo it!

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