Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Sud Afrika


Having been in South Africa for the past few months i figure it might be appropriate to try and write something about the music over there. thing is, there isn't a huge scene over there and after watching the SABC music awards on the tv, i realised that they do have a lot of shit music! in terms of live scene, cape town in parituclar had little to offer, unless you have your contacts and you're willing to dig deep, it's almost impossible to find live stuff going on, very unlike london. when i was over there i missed out on the cape town international jazz festival where i think south african jazz legend hugh masekela performed and mos def made an appearance, alongside other jazzy types.
BIG MISTAKE, looked like it was the only thing goin on in cape town at the time.
in terms of whats popular in the strange country Kwaito is massive, it's a fusion of hip hop, trance/ techno and traditional south african rythyms and a huge bassline- usually punctuated by the MCs or rappers shouting repetitively over the top of the tune. anyone who has seen the film 'TSTOSI' will have heard Kwaito- you see guys dancing about with 90's fashion and what looks like fisherman sunhats on their heads- that's Kwaito. Every time i got into a minibus taxi (which does exactly what it says on the tin) the driver would have this sort of music cranked right up and i think it was the best music i heard in the place. speeding through the streets of cape town and durban with this stuff blaring out is a common sight and sound in the country. so expect a little article on south africa my experience there!

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